Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Town Planning Research.

~ Last week me and Su chee when to site visit Again *Sigh* (still about project 4, the planning). Up until know pun belum habis- habis juga ni but..., we need to submit it next week and it consist of hardly 20 marks for a site visit report (we're still doing it).

~ So we are going to demolish their esplanade and some other buildings. The site area is very dark, for me (most of it we have to hancur roboh kan semuanya.hehe). The place quite entertaining but dirty and not in its good conditions.

~ Hard to believe local people still spend their time fishing yet the river look like teh c susu ping for me. i hardly imagine if there'x 'fishes' or "a fish" swim in that river.Some of them took their time to sit and relax their mind along the espanade tapi for me, if i'm the person, honestly i rather lock myself in my room. i'm sorry Sibu, I rude o.. because nothing to see bha there, all you all be facing is a factory across the Sungai Rejang river and some big dark boats with teh c ping all over.

~ ALot of problem occurs and pening juga la kepala kami. Which we don't know how to solve but need to do some*alot*extra*extra of research. I'm done with the traffic flow and... funny la some of it and sakit kepala tengok the road...boleh tension juga tengok, the traffic flow macam.... or.... is it just the people suka campur aduk the jalan Yang bukan jalan dorang pun tiba-tiba p jalan the triangle island, boleh2 dorang 360 turn like round about seja. :) lods of funny things happen..plu...plu...plu..=I

Rejang river.

Sanyan building in Sibu. Tallest building in Sarawak.

RH Hotel. One of the 5stars hotel in Sibu.

Sibu Pagoda. One of the nicest and interesting feature pansar.

Sibu playground in the esplanade. 'Lets read'

Special features in Rejang esplanade *Biggo Ligoo* love this part!!