Saturday, November 29, 2008


:: Nagisa ::

Japanese Restaurant in Hyatt Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

With Kakak Venesa Also. :)

Environment : O wow, excellent. Five stars indeed. Waiters wearing traditional Japanese Cloths and their interior design makes you feel like in Japan, Tho i never been there before. Comfortable.
Food : Like most Japanese Restaurant.
Friendliness : Excellent!
My tummy : Really full.
Sepa Blanja? : Hehe, A La Page.:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A La Page 1 Year Anniversary.


A La Page Magazine Anniversary in 1Borneo (22 November 2008)

Beatrice (A La Page Editor and Boss) gave the luck draw to the winner.
On Stage, Mc (with microphone) with Marketing executive Sonia (White) and Jessie (Blue)

A La Page Magazine!
(Now turns green)

For those people who don't know what this magazine is all about. This is a free magazine dedicated to tourists and locals. Emphasize mostly to Where to eat in Sabah, health care, sabah product and Ect.. Actually everything about Sabah.

Some of the information in this magazine even sabahan people themselves don’t even know that such place actually exists in Sabah.

That’s the main purpose of the A La Page magazine is to introduce traveler and local people every interesting places to go or buy stuff in Sabah. :)

KK PaintBall.

V.I.P coming through...

(Masih tidak puas ni,'s )

My Mummy tua, Moinis Simin(Jessel's Grandmama)
Jessel (Hensem Boii).

And Here it is, Kakak Janet's (Jessel's mother) Recent picture with Jessel.

Dear Jack Sparrow.

Bulging, I'm blushing,
My Dear Jack Sparrow,
He sail lungful of air,
He Fights, For me?
Oh Not, For you!

Love Jack Sparrow,
She wrote love letter,
But Jack Wants direction,
His darling of invention.

Sparrow Has none of the time.
Tick, Tack
Make it stop!

"I'm in war but take that jewel,
Run away my darling
but stay perpetuity,
For I will give you the love you never had"

He Did Betray!

::Written by Dustfingernail::

Monday, November 17, 2008

21st of all gone peace..:)

*16 November on a Rainy Day*

WindBell, Tanjung Aru


YumYum~ Steamboat.

Family. Taken by Kakak*Venesa:

Cheers~ Untuk moing yang cute2.

Back at Home.

Choco*Nut Cake And C'Nana.


Choco And Cakeso~


Moing Cute.:)

It was nothing fancy. My family and me celebrating my 21st birthday.

*Just What i Wanted.:)*

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Birthday Present.


I have done the craziest thing in the whole wide world.

I went for the audition of One In A Million in the Imperial Hotel yesterday:) and I sang Katy Perry 'One of The Boys'

Hehe~ am sorry my eyes swollen.

We waited like hours for our turn sampai malam.When it was already our turn kami seriously getting sleepy.

After our name kena panggil, I was like really shaking ni, hehe~ i ask my sister 2 hug me because I was so nervous.

Lucky, i've been accepted and then i when to the second round of the audition Shortly after that.

Yang sad part was, saya pilih the wrong song for my second audition (I don't know yang dorang want a new song ).So, i just sang the same song because that's the only song yang sya plan nyanyi. So, the judges was like..

'Do you have another song?'

Adui the second audition when nuts ni, i when flat. The song from the late Marantika (Sorry Mr.Broery i didn't sing your song nicely :(..).

Trus the result when, Like you'll expected, I am Totally rejected by the judges. (The judges, not paul Moss and Shafinaz but different, I don't know who.:))

Hee~ tapi walau apa pun, this was my first time audition.
**We're happy and i'm happy as well because For me, although i'm not accepted but i'm happy that i'm brave enough to face my deepest fear.**

Lets just say,
I have 'the' most priceless birthday present for my 21st Birthday...

Yup~ Hwoow. Sleepy Sudah~ ow and i'm updating my blog at 2:06 Am @_@. Well guys i have to have my sleep. Later i'll be updating my blog again for Jojo's Big Event.hehe


Monday, November 10, 2008

^6th Days of Glitter.

This is way too interesting to not be put in the bloggee...

** Work that magic Cyril Takayama**

oOoo...N have you ever saw a littleBlackDress book title 'Confession of a shopaholic'?.I am so surprise, it's already in a movie will be in theater February 2009 starring isle fisher(Remember Borat(Real name: Sacha Baron Cohen)? That Borat men is her husband..:)). I just saw the trailer..I can't wait till next year,She's so funny in it! Confession of a Shopaholic trailer link.


6*Days till my 21st Birthday.

{Samson's Baby grown*up.}

Friday, November 7, 2008

Once upon a Time...


Here’s the story..

Me and my Kakak C.c,

so we when out and we stopped to a place.

An unknown white dog came to us. Well, He was rather strange looking (Really strange I presume <_>) and I was shocked of how strange this dog was.

I then told my sister that the dog looked somewhat like a human. I thought someone put a spell on that dog (I’m not teasing the dog La but that was my true first perception).

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit scared even though he was so kind to us (he howl very strange).

Back home, I told my other sister about this really ‘strange’ dog we met.

Seriously I thought some witch put a spell on that dog. Reason was for all of my life I, never, saw this type of dog from anywhere including the internet.

One and half month later, I open the ‘Doggy Pet’ blogspot (you can click on that, He have this good information about dogs :)..).

So, I am really, really surprise and happy,

and so glad and also excited,

that actually there is this type of dog exist.

The dog’s breed name, The Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier dog own a triangle eyes.

Horse-like head. Thick Neck.Bulldoggy Body.Erect ears. (A warrior)

He have this freak face and a body like a bulldog but somehow, in a strange way, I just fall into them.
That, I wish one day if I have my own [R::Value*paper::M], I wish to own this breed because seriously, I think this dog is so unique..

And there it is, Let you fly to... Jojo's WishList.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

High Being.

I Want two to forth to eight and sixteenth,
Polka to dolka tiles on mortar crack,
Emotionally to intentionally grinding force,
The smell of sweetness but yet so harsh.

Kitty, my bird, i shouted "Elegant!"
All forth Elements and nature of Curse,
Is there such thing as a Generosity of kind?
Is there an ideal being that remain in circle?

No, Never, Non: Never think i'm making this up.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Day When, Day go.*13 more of no feeling no low..

"Im in love!!
um...watching soup drama?"

I am obsess (well, Almost) to some drama that i have my full schedule watching them and waiting for it upload the whole-wide day while doing My h**s* Work...

I Love soap Drama..!
Just recently actually. ehee..
Diana kusayang told me to watch it:) ~
And now, indeed I'm Obsess ever since watching Absolute boyfriend
(I'm a nerd..hehe)

Recent watch ~ Absolute boyfriend (Japanese Drama)
Hana Kimi (Japanese Drama)


Um' i have been reading some interesting (all sort of emotion) fact about Dodo bird.

.Dodo Bird.Already Extinct.

This Dodo bird so cute that you just wanna hug them. Hehe joking but indeed a cute bird la.

Research found that a dodo bird is actually thinner than on that picture, than what/some told it was a fat bird.

*Extinct almost 2/3 centuries ago.
*Only found in 3 of Madagascar's very small island (Africa).
*One of it was the Maritius island.

It was written that when after sailors started to accommodate in the island, this cute Dodo started to fatten up which i pun also don't know how it happened.

Dodo is Well-known to the world of its clumsiness, stupidity and slowness
(which is slightly true but i found it strangely adorable).

When a ship of Spanish sailor and their other animal (they bring along Cats, Dogs, Rats and Pig) happened to stop by to the island, the Dodo bird greeted them like a
(that's what the history acclaim it).
So obviously you will have the picture/idea of a bird that didn't know how cruel human was to a bird like them (same goes Hens and Turkey).

Dodo's name derives from a Spanish word...

The reason why they extinct so fast was because it was easy for a human to catch them, they are not a fast runner .

They even laid egg on the ground despite of their small wings, they could not fly. So, tragically it was consume by other animals brought by the ship.

After they extinct, One of Mauritius Main tree stop growing its seeds because Dodo was the circle chain of the tree's ecosystem But then it was replace by a turkey.

..Day when, Day Go..

Like promised,
(I put besar2 supaya everyone can see ;P)

Kadazan tongue twister:

Bambangan, Bosungan, Bosou
(Say it repeatly)

(pronounce *Sung* in malay language, Not *sung* in english )

*Originated From Kakak Venesa and c'Nana*

**When i say it fast, over again i can't help my self from saying Bosuon.
That was super critical...!** And Super Sinner.

N Even my Kakak Cc, my Mumy pun pandai terbingung cakap those 3 words.

Yet, Another show outs to my Friends back in Sibu and Sabah,


It's their birthday!

Happy Birthday To beloved Scorpio Gal On November.

*Suk Moi (My Twins, Bestee since 15Y.O)
*Zahidah (Same date)
*Lele (Bestee Since 9Y.O, Miss her!)
* Flowery Maria (Talented Dancer)
* SuChee (Innocent Cutie Pie)
*Fiona (Talented and Guffy)
*Shirly (Extreme Genius Brain)
*Suesheila (Baby! xD)
*Dayang (Funny&Comfort)
*Nadwa (A*Moi-Del&Down to earth)

And i Wish My friend to have a happy birthday this year.

(And happy Belated birthday to Katy perry and Tila Tequila ;D)

Five o'clock heroes feat Agyness Deyn
(My Recent Favourite, Agyness Deyn is so pretty~!)


@_@ WoW!