Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Cj we envy you. So we all bought one.

Reason why is because the toilet door was the best part.

Diana, Don't live me... i Need you. heh heh...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Town Planning Research.

~ Last week me and Su chee when to site visit Again *Sigh* (still about project 4, the planning). Up until know pun belum habis- habis juga ni but..., we need to submit it next week and it consist of hardly 20 marks for a site visit report (we're still doing it).

~ So we are going to demolish their esplanade and some other buildings. The site area is very dark, for me (most of it we have to hancur roboh kan semuanya.hehe). The place quite entertaining but dirty and not in its good conditions.

~ Hard to believe local people still spend their time fishing yet the river look like teh c susu ping for me. i hardly imagine if there'x 'fishes' or "a fish" swim in that river.Some of them took their time to sit and relax their mind along the espanade tapi for me, if i'm the person, honestly i rather lock myself in my room. i'm sorry Sibu, I rude o.. because nothing to see bha there, all you all be facing is a factory across the Sungai Rejang river and some big dark boats with teh c ping all over.

~ ALot of problem occurs and pening juga la kepala kami. Which we don't know how to solve but need to do some*alot*extra*extra of research. I'm done with the traffic flow and... funny la some of it and sakit kepala tengok the road...boleh tension juga tengok, the traffic flow macam.... or.... is it just the people suka campur aduk the jalan Yang bukan jalan dorang pun tiba-tiba p jalan the triangle island, boleh2 dorang 360 turn like round about seja. :) lods of funny things happen..plu...plu...plu..=I

Rejang river.

Sanyan building in Sibu. Tallest building in Sarawak.

RH Hotel. One of the 5stars hotel in Sibu.

Sibu Pagoda. One of the nicest and interesting feature pansar.

Sibu playground in the esplanade. 'Lets read'

Special features in Rejang esplanade *Biggo Ligoo* love this part!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Believe It Or Not. A Killer.

Below pictures taken during my 5th semester here(Earlier this year). Scares the hell out of us especially my friends who actually present during this incident happen. They actually heard a girl screaming in our college toilet around 6pm, they saw 2 motorcycles and a man. My friends quickly rush to the hostel.

Around 7Pm we when to the toilet to check out but we were to scared so we bring along one guy from the college basketball court which happened to be my friend. What we found out was blood all over and 2 knifes. Called our admin and he rush to the hostel.Half and hour later, he( our admin) when back home without us knowing and he never ask us what had happened. An hour later he phone one of my friend and ask us to close this case but my friends was so scared because the man they saw outside the toilet actually knew that my friends was the witness of that incident. so around 11Pm we when to the police station and the police together with us when to the same toilet to investigate but as we found out drops of blood and the 2 knifes we all gone. luckily we've taken some picture earlier and also we found out there's a drop of blood they didn't wash.
click link for pictures :

Friday, April 25, 2008

Meeting With Chinese People.

I when for a group meeting today. The worse part was they all speak chinese. I still can't believe that i'm schooling here but i still can't understand Chinese. I mean all of them are Chinese, the whole school are Chinese including lecturers and those people who r not Chinese is the "unlucky people".Really... including me of course :) but.... recently, Suchee and my lecturer taught me Chinese but a bit la.Like ‘Kai’ - open, men - door "Wo kai men" meaning i open door. i don't know if Chinese using 'the' door. have to ask my sifu. heee.. and then the next word 'wo shi nu sheng' is I’m a woman. I’m pretty sure that’s the meaning either girl or women and if 'nan' mean boy in Chinese and i just knew something because i thought pao is pau (bread) but actually it spell 'bao' and in low rhythm and pao mean run. heee.. isn't it fun when people taught u something new and you just got it. it's like solving a mistery... I lourv it. Teach me More!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Worse Rejection (Leading to A Simple Life)

April 22 2008

I have my full class today from 8 till 3pm and i am so damn tired from my body to my brain. i just have a brain freeze. Seriously i can't think anymore. My house floor plan was totally rejected by my course leader so badly. i shall say My worst rejection ever but well, he do make sense because my family gathering area have no window only one but not sufficient enough to cater ventilation and natural lighting and he commented my kitchen and he said i never been to the kitchen before, Meaning he said i'm not a kitchen person by looking at my kitchen plan and i said to him "um maybe because i never been to the luxury one before". okay seriously wat was i thinking?

but i respect my course leader because he's a good teacher. He teaches me and Su Chee(my course mates) alot. i think he was doing all the complaining because he want to teach us how to accept and face a rejection because he said different people have different perspective in looking at a design. some might say perfect some might say worse and that worse is a rejection

School Of ArcHitecture.

20 April 2008

School is ON! Quite nervous me being in my final semester and taking 5 subject for 3 months and a half is a death trap. love that word 'Death trap'. haha. I've been to site visit with my friend for my architecture project 4, A Town Planning. Going on for 3 days already, including today, i mean just for the Analysis (which, *A Normal Site analysis + A Site Check List = 1 to 2 hours*). See, how big me and my two group mates future building model will be " HALF OF SIBU TOWN" and believe it or not, i just discover Sibu is one lovable place to be in (i've been here from 2005), altho kind of dangerous for a cute small town but i love it. Hope i'll do my best for my final. :).

P/s ~ im starting my new project. can't tell yet. be surprise:)


Call me bad but I'm so pissed off of my friend. Annoying. maybe... you know what, hyish...i'm growing up and i have to teach myself a lesson. i know, not all people can accept other people attitude. When i make little mistake i mean 'a mistake', Was so angry.Ofcourse i forgive but everytime, adui memang tidak tahan ni bah. Like want to cry ni But it's okayla have to learn how to keep up with different kind of people,Right Jojo? hehe. ( maybe she stress kali...) different people different character.

In my youtube, one of the youtuber said "saddest ending of love, how could this happen" video was gay.I was sad but logic*ly of course it was gay for him because it was love...