Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heading to Hometown, Sabah.

Breakfast With family.

Popsicle shape bread with chocolate on top.


oOoo~ i love these.

Bought it at The 'Cross Buns, Miri'..

and off to..


Lots of it.
Even one climb up the School Gate.

On our way.

Workers & Flag.

Bruneian's Flag Proudly stands

Stopped by at Calvin Myae's place.
Calvin is from Myanmar, we visited his place in Brunei.
His elder sister served us Myanmar's famous traditional food.

punya sadaap..!

Handmade cakes from Calvin's elder sister.
I loved it so much that i never stop eating.

~Self pick from garden~
Their Sweetest Mangoes

~Calvin's Nephew.~

With Calvin Families~

Siblings and Calvin Myae.

Calvin showed us his work of magic.
The super sensitive Microphone.

I want it so baad.

Bye Calvin..=))
We're off again..

And another picture of us.

An Eco-friendly plant.
Can it actually breath..?
Guess, they wanted to prevent someone from getting hurt.

Dady's car on ferries~!


Then I saw this Beautiful leafless tree.

I can't stop taking pictures.
Very pretty.


Last destination,
K.L.Lee Cafe for supper.

Was really sad, Japan team played so well they lost 3-5 to Paraguay.

last Asian team has gone off from the world cup.

Back to home Sweet home
I miss my dogs. =)

and i am off to work tomorrow.

Monday, June 28, 2010

@_@ Mum it's your birthday =D!

Took picture in the Photo booth with Family.

Abang Ju : 'I cannot believe i am doing this'


I found that very cute.


Canada Hill

O Borneo ;)

Miri Paranomic view.

Taman Awam Miri

I dislike the fact that (extremely) scared of heights is part of my life.


Beautiful sisters.

Instead of getting addicted to a Blingblingee, I prefer playing in the playground.
It is a Childish things to do (I know) but..truly it makes me happy. A good workout too, I prefer spending my time here. Good Energy~ =)

Stopped by at the Cross buns.
(Bought mom's cake)


Cheers to mom!

Dinner at King Yung seafood (Just at the right side of Miri Hotel)


We're back to hotel to celebrate mum's Birthday. =)

Cancerian Queen of the Quintin's family

Mom, Happy Birthday!
We always adore you~! =)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday in Miri.

RH Hotel, Sibu.

Farewell Sibu.~

~Pintu Gerbang Sibu~

To get some Energy. ;)
Ignore that jatu on the table. =P

Elderly on Beca.
Still working so hard. =)

~Then, to Batu Niah.

Raja Putih is extremely white clean.

That Dragon king is Gigantic.

It opens its eyes so wide after my sister, Jessie looked at it.
Kambang jantung mo tinguu..
astagaa.. like as if it was about to break its cage at eat us full.
What a deadly stare.

At last, for about 6 hours, we finally arrive Miri.


Dady juga la =)
The gentleman of all gentleman,
never complains. =)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finally!! Graduation Day 2010. (The Long Post pone Graduation)

The Last Batch of UCS Student.

Dayang & Diana.
My two good friends in College.
They are the one that took care of me when I was on my weakest time.

Si si, Peggy and Fiona.

& this was the part I am counting about.
To meet my old friend.
I miss them truly.

Missing on Graduation day,
Shirly, Wadimimi & Suesheila.

Reminiscing The Good Old Days.~ =)

With All The Beautiful People in my College Life.

Me and Peggy
(Then 19 and 18)