Tuesday, December 29, 2009


O my~ I am in My holiday mood..

Im moving my mouse with my cursor pointing no where..

With my mind to norway..

And Yes~ yang penting ryhme.




I believe it's gonna be a good new year~

is like..
let us do some maths here okey..

2010+ ( ^^^) = 2(010)


Result =

( =(010)= )

( ** )



^^@_@ Apa jadi!?^^

A Very Very very Good Year indeed..=)
& to Years and Years ahead.

~Dusty At Work~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Love Greeting by The Quintins

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

The Quintins

And we hope you all enjoy your Christmas this year...:-)

Love From Us~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O yea~ Mery kerismas

Ada Present^present sana..
Underneath our Christmas Tree

Japanese Restaurant For Christmas With Workmates.

Palm Square, Center Point
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Japanese Restaurant)

My Set meal for just RM 22.
~Affordable and Delicious~
but haha mind that chilly peppers.

For my extra RM 3, i ordered Squid.
And it Taste Odd.. @~@
but the rest sadap la.
mungkin sa terlampau kenyang kali.

And then i saw this..
Funny picture of Tigerwood

full^full semuanya.
And that was our happy face before our foods arrive..;)

Taa Daaa~! That was the outlook of my exchange Gift.

Aaanndd.. Taa daaa~ Evelyn With my Exchange Gift! =)

'Enjoy my Sho®t and Simple bloggie'

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Accidentally, My Finger paint started to Form a Love Shape.
It came out like that one morning.


Hobbycon 2009!

~Group 1~

After sooo long berpuasa from this digital2 stuff.. finally i get to hangout with my computer again. :D

For the past days, weeks I've been busy thinking about this event im going to attend.

Hobbycon 2009!!

And it's in borneo Sabah.

~Group 2~

(2ND Place)

Clothes, hair, stuff, music, skit.... so much to do, so little time.

But can't wait!!

~Group 3~

So it's all done and im blogging it down.

It starts on 12th as solo..

Tia cukup tidur because me and my sister got sooo much to do.

~Group 4~

(3rd place)

The next morning...

We were late for our solo anime competition and was disqualified... yeahh..~ sad.

Julian&Fara (Mcs)

But thanks to Fara and Julian for their suggestion and help (The Mc :-)

So, the next following day me and my sister sign up for Group competition.

Yet Wat a nerve wrecking moment because we didn't get to practice that much.

~Group 5~

Another day where we struggle to finish our skits& practice last minutes.!!

Surprisingly, me as Chii/Freya and My sister as Yuko Ichihara is under same production.. 'CLAMP' inc.
On the first place we don't even know our anime is in one roof, but they are!! :D

~Group 6~

~ Group 7~
(2 among 5 members of Naruto's Character Naruto and Pretty Maya :D)

The Champion For 2009!
*Final Fantasy*

Took this video from Aikyoyo Youtube
(To view all Cosplay group video, click on link)

This is how our skit looks like.

~Champion, 1ST Runner up and 2ND Runner up~

I Love Them!!. The greatest!! Most supporting family ever.

Chezter& Alaster helped us on stage.

Mumy Tallie, Clifton& Latania Supported us from the start.


The cutest thing i encountered during Hobbycon was when little girls adorably asking premission to take picture with you. That was the happiest and most heavenly feeling.

Yuko Ichihara (XXX Holic), Lester, & Freya (Chobits)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hobbycon preparations.

And if you want something, You have to Struggle for it ;D

Cutting, Measuring and Coloring and all those fun things to do.
Just some preparations we've accomplished.

It's Chobits Ears~!!

WoouUuu~~Adore Raw colors..

≈& Measuring≈

And the shape is done!
To add more colors To Window.

Doing this was fun tapi..
itu seja la, we don't get enough Sleep. =(
Nasib itu lagu2 ada, kalau tidak ada, mimang atas lantai suda tu tetidur.=P

Monday, November 16, 2009

Reporting Greatest Birthday Ever.~!

16 November 2009, The greatest birthday ever.

First and foremost,
MiiBestiie Vera Lad, Made a birthday video, that was the Greatest, I am the happiest, I feel soooo blessed...
For me, it is more than a present. :)
VeraLove posted it in facebook~
& Girl, I Lovvveeee it alot~!!:)
Thank you Vever...

& Cousins N Friends in Facebook, I am Grateful for all those wishes.:D

Celebrating Birthday in the Office. =)

Thanks to My Boss for this 'Chocolate Cheese Cake~':)
*Secret Recipe the best!*
To my Colleagues
::Henry, Evelyn, Mary, Mimiey, Sham, Mitchell,Victor & Melvin::

*At Nite...

Celebrating Birthday,

Like last year...
but now with new brand reconstruct interior design



With families And Friends.


Secret Recipe Cake~

Moing, Siblings, Cousin & Lester

Bought by Lester & kakak C.c.
They're the best! ;-)

~ ...Siblings... ~
The Samson's Daughter

Happiest as mountain high~;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Review on Attractive Junk Food

Sedap kaannn

Warna warni kaaannn...

Attractive ooo~~

Tapi punya banyak gula..


Not healthy..

But This what makes me and Mary awaken from our tidurness..

It is an addictive creature..

Best consume slow^slow

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Merry Jolly so early?

It's pretty early? but.. It's a good early.:-)

So here goes the Recipes...
All we need is a Christmas Tree..



A bag of Colorful decorations..

A long colorful lights..~

A Joyous heart, Ofcourse <3

With Lots of Love


~*~ A pinch of Electricity ~*~

And there you go your own Christmas Tree~


~Christmas Tree at the office decorated by Mii colleague Mimiey, Henry, Mary & Jojo :-)~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

JasaMu Dikenang~

Lagenda By Sheila Majid

Yoku Ih Humarap By Ivye Alexandra

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Open Karaoke Marvelous Duet Competition!

Venue ~ E*West,
Borneo, Sabah

It was a tiring day, back home From work, rest and we didn't get to practice... ,tehe O~ only last Night, and lasted for just 2 hours.

When you believe - Mariah carey and Whitney Houstan
I wanna Dance with somebody - Whitney Houstan

Walaupun, we make our mistakes but still, Surely, like always,
We have fun!
It was a fun Night..~