Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prom Nite 2008 in KingWooD*

20th June 2008 was the most busiest day of my life and the most enjoying thing ever happened...

MY precious PromY of 2008 although i can't compare my prom year 2006 but this year was one of the greatest Prom ever for me ..:) i have my hair done and my face done for free.. *Yes, it's Every girl wish and it's mine too~* This was my first time being makeup by a professional makeup*er and I LOvee it alot!!i have so much fun Even when i don't have my Prom partner but i enjoyed the night so much:)

How crazy was my Prom...? (click on picture to view it large)

Me, Fiona, Belinda, Angela and Michelle. Dancer for the opening Prom night "Ai Wu Se - Jolin"

P/S~ This was just a rehearsal.

Tons credit to both of our dance and cat walk teacher. Middle, Fiona.

Being one of the model,Me and Gorgeous Angela in Office Wear.(Captured by Suchee)

Part 1.

Part 2.


* we have 3 part in this. the first one was solo (jalan2 punya wear), second was the girl and girl with office wear and the third one, couple with casual wear.

~**Nominated Prom King and Queen 2008**~

Shirly and Bernard, Prom MCs >It was bernarrrd iDea trying to be cute<

Taken by Luqman.

C Jojo yang kicil, The prom naughtest MC Bernard, Lecturer(Prom Organizer), Belinda*da model and nominated eye catching beauty 2008*, Re yue (Model) and Le yu (Model)

Da best'Ee.. C chubby Jojo :), beside C jojo are Extremely gorgeous girls... Fiona(extemely beauty), Pwenses Diana, Dayang (Nominated eye catching beauty of prom 2008) and Mimi (the real transformation of a hidden beauty)..

Dear Jojo, How was The food?

DE~LI~Cious~... Extremely.. REally yum..Yum.. mouth Watering and mouth dRoping..haa..


Me and Mimi taking picture after prom in Dayang's house. After having a Blast night, it was the time for our girl sleep over.:)

Bad thing was that day i forgot to bring my camera battery...:( so i cannot capture something i really wanted.
It might not seem to be as crazy on the picture but that day we all felt the real fun.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Malaysian Politics.. Petrol&Rice

Blogging this down.. (Kebebasan Bersuara)

Malaysian going far down now...

Petrol - Naik

Beras - Naik juga

Okay guys and girl, i'm talking politic here!!

Let me see, Malaysian imposed rule saying ' It should be better to have more children. more children means you'll get biasiswa for your little cutey.' and i should say ...

Impose that but increasing petrol and rice is a bad planning for malaysian growth,

Rm1 = 1 hour of work...!!

How can create such rule if you have kids to send to school(petrol~petrol~) and how can you give them something to fill up their stomach. if rice naik, big possibility all of the children are starving especially when it comes to the school canteen...

"Mumy 1 ringgit is not enough for me, harga beras naik sudah o, what can i eat at the canteen... JUnk food can...:)?"

ow not, not junk food to replace their healthy rice consumption...dengan kesiannya... the mumy have to give them rm 1.50 at least but what happen if they are from poor family and they can only give rm 0.50 for their children? they can't make it to 70cent or 80cent because like my mum said "it's hard to find 10cent nowadays"... yes~ yes~ keropok only can replace...or sweets but man that thing can't make them full and tall. Ob-Vio-Us-Ly!!

but bagus la positive is "i can diet" ahhahaha...

Nway that's not the point... point is, i demand!! Beras naik RM 0.30 approximately and car petrol Rm 0.50...not Ringgit.. please... malaysia...please!!! (If only Dearly Malaysian can hear this). I pity the poor...

My kakak Collin ask my opinion about the increasing of petrol and rice and i said... it will increase more and more because days become expensive. hurtly, It is..

Why i care...(Bang your head if you not care, although i'm still a student but sympathy with my mumy and dady that work so hard) Because my mum have to feed up 15 stomachs, in the house mahupun outside the house... imagine 15 stomachs!!! Wow.. Semua taloB lagi tue... See it's hard...