Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prom Nite 2008 in KingWooD*

20th June 2008 was the most busiest day of my life and the most enjoying thing ever happened...

MY precious PromY of 2008 although i can't compare my prom year 2006 but this year was one of the greatest Prom ever for me ..:) i have my hair done and my face done for free.. *Yes, it's Every girl wish and it's mine too~* This was my first time being makeup by a professional makeup*er and I LOvee it alot!!i have so much fun Even when i don't have my Prom partner but i enjoyed the night so much:)

How crazy was my Prom...? (click on picture to view it large)

Me, Fiona, Belinda, Angela and Michelle. Dancer for the opening Prom night "Ai Wu Se - Jolin"

P/S~ This was just a rehearsal.

Tons credit to both of our dance and cat walk teacher. Middle, Fiona.

Being one of the model,Me and Gorgeous Angela in Office Wear.(Captured by Suchee)

Part 1.

Part 2.


* we have 3 part in this. the first one was solo (jalan2 punya wear), second was the girl and girl with office wear and the third one, couple with casual wear.

~**Nominated Prom King and Queen 2008**~

Shirly and Bernard, Prom MCs >It was bernarrrd iDea trying to be cute<

Taken by Luqman.

C Jojo yang kicil, The prom naughtest MC Bernard, Lecturer(Prom Organizer), Belinda*da model and nominated eye catching beauty 2008*, Re yue (Model) and Le yu (Model)

Da best'Ee.. C chubby Jojo :), beside C jojo are Extremely gorgeous girls... Fiona(extemely beauty), Pwenses Diana, Dayang (Nominated eye catching beauty of prom 2008) and Mimi (the real transformation of a hidden beauty)..

Dear Jojo, How was The food?

DE~LI~Cious~... Extremely.. REally yum..Yum.. mouth Watering and mouth dRoping..haa..


Me and Mimi taking picture after prom in Dayang's house. After having a Blast night, it was the time for our girl sleep over.:)

Bad thing was that day i forgot to bring my camera battery...:( so i cannot capture something i really wanted.
It might not seem to be as crazy on the picture but that day we all felt the real fun.