Thursday, May 31, 2012

Iziau noh Zaza ku - Joanna Quintin

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan Kuma Saviavi!!

I hope all of you enjoy this song. I wish I could play this with my piano but since the only instrument that I have right now is my guitar. I hope you Enjoy.enjoy.. =)) and if you go to my youtube video I typed 'Izyh' au' noh zaza ku' so as to let all kinds of nationalities to be able to pronounce it correctly. ;) hehe. Next week gonna post more coveer. :)
See ya guys! ;D


Nothing's real but love-Rebecca Ferguson (Cover by Joanna Q)

This song is requested by the wonderful Corinne Bagiu.When I first got the request I went straight to youtube, feeling excited and honestly scared (of the strumming pattern) hehe but my excitement conquered the overall feeling. Practiced and practiced. Then at the final stage me and mysister decided the location. She has been recording and I've been contributing my vocal cords in 4 locations for 3 days which at the end we picked the last one. The second last location was pretty too, with aluminium steel wall as my prop, but the sound and my vocal cord went wrong and poor on my sister, it was as freezing as it could be. So we moved on to the third day. It went pretty good as well as the temperature and the view behind. :) Then there we knew that this video was the one. :) ehehehe

I hope you guys Enjoy~~~!! :DDD

And I am so happy that Corinne likes it. Meant so much! <3

Part of me - Katy Perry (Cover by Joanna Q)

I have been playing this song with my guitar since weeks before this was requested but I wasn't paying enough attention in it, was thinking to make a cover but wasn't too confident. Since Lydialov requested it.. well, pretty much I then spent alot and alot of my time practicing because since i am an Immature at guitar playing, making my Lydialov (and everyone) happy is one of main priority. :) Love seeing them happy, they actually made my day into Sunshine and lot and lots of rainbow :). I Received some song request which I can't play :( (I wish i had talent like Jonathan Tse, He is soo good > He is my SuperDuper Guru! and Teddy too!) But... I promise I Will try my veryvery hard on it! Gonna practice more! ;D

Anyway, Enjoy! :)