Friday, September 28, 2012

kikilala Quote. Lol! XD

Sometimes life does not go accordingly. It is you who can change it. :) and I believe that! ;)

Think positive, care no one's negativity.

and last but not least,

I miss singing so bad! how I wish I could sing while dancing.. That would be Awesommee.. and dream come true. Snap.snap. hehe

Waitekere. :)

11 July 2012.

It was such an honoured that Nina Mai invited us to perform at her school.. There were free momoms to eat plus the school’s counselor gave us 2 big chocolates as a token of appreciation. :D When it comes to sweet things, undeniably is happeh as a child. ;DD Thank you so much Nina and Rose for the priceless experiences~!

I miss you (When you'e gone) - Cranberries (Cover By Joanna Q)

Was taken few months ago which it is noticeable. lol! (My chubbiness isn't that obvious here tehee) Tho, I made this private all this while. I've Been loving this song since High School and it was my sisters and I favorite song from The Cranberries beside Zombie.:D

Winjoy.. ;D

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another cover delayed. :(

I haven't got the chance to do my friend, nena's cover. I'll do it by the end of my semester which will be on the semester break. The list goes longer now but gonna try and complete it as soon. :)

Sorry Nena Sazrina.. :(
but Congratulation on your wedding day! ;DD 
Semoga Kekal selamanya hingga ke anak cucu... ;D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival 2012

Combination of the Moon by me and my sister.

We had 3 auditions for this festival. On the first one we sang 'Honey honey honey' by Elva but the judges didn't like it. So on the second audition, we decided to sing Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin by Theresa Teng. The day before the audition we decided to combine Close to you from Carpenter with Theresa Teng's song. It was a last minutes mash up but it turned out great and the judges liked it. Third audition was with Kadazan Traditional attire. 
During the day of the festival we had sound check and it was pretty awesome where we got to see all sorts of performances.. It was a nice experience.. We got so hungry right after the first sound check but as we went back stage they bought 100+ boxes of Domino's pizza and free Mooncakes. :D tehee.. The show went Great maybe abit of pitchy problem but it was a nice experience . We met friends and we had a great night. Thanks to mama and papa and kakak CC for the Traditional attires from KK.. XDD