Sunday, September 21, 2008

Block me ears~ Borneo Sabah

Jojo's Flaws. (Cute kan...haha)
LOve it or leave it.
First picture VS Monkey = I Win!

Sepilok rehabilitation Centre

Yummy~ Prawn salad (and i mean really yummy) at kafeteria Sepilok

ME :)

Okay here's the story.
That picture was taken by me after this monkey came out of nowhere stole my moing's snack from her bag. Yes~ tell me he looked so innocent like nothing happened.
luckily my dad was as fast as him grab my moing's bag before he snatch anything further.
But it was funny actually And kinda Cute.

::Sepilok Muzium::

Moing enjoying her view.
Watching monget kena Bagi makan.

My Mum's secret Steamboat
(actually mumy stole these method and recipe from my mumy Tallie.. hehe sorry mumy Tallie)

Mumy's Steamboat.
::Joanna's beautiful Dinner.::

Oi yoo...Tia Durian tii Sadap Tii... Kadaa Kama main-Main.

Mumy, Moing and Dady shopping yu'yan.

:: Durian ::
Why is it that some people dislike durian?
Punya Sedap ni...

View of Mountain Kinabalu
Mumy and Moing shopping sayur.

20 September 2008...

Wawa died of an unknown disease. her fur was beautiful when she lie there with sun reflect on her golden fur. It glows.
Left Wewe son of Blackie.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ice-cream And drive
(Dad's enormous Temptation)

On the way to Sandakan...

I haven't updated my blog for almost a week now because i when to Sandakan with dad and mom.

Later that August my dad kena transfer to Sandakan.

House. :)

So this week, me and mom decided to visit there and take alook of whats behind this sepilok town. When to their town, seeing lots of shophouses, Pasar and Ramadhan Stalls selling almost everything delicious.

Pasar Ramadhan, Sandakan
Ayam Panggang! hehe

Pasar Sandakan. The floor was really clean that whats attract me lots. 
(way cleaner than you can imagine)

I mess that up. It was pretty at first and it looked so delicious till i forgot to capture it. 
(Tomato Cafe in Sandakan)

Nothing much i've done for 4 days past. Me and mom stayed at home, Clean the house and everything. probably next week will be the fun part of the adventure to Sandakan. but overall sandakan is a town almost like KK but with less people.:)... So it's a peaceful town, good to relax mind. 

 Main population : Dusun Sungai :)
Information : hehe not much. :p

Record This Jojo :
For the first time in my life which i am so embarrassed to write, haha. 
On 12 of September 2008 believe it or  not was the first time i saw Mount Kinabalu close up, (hahaha, ask me where am from?).
 Good for me this is just september and not November yet..

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Moist chocolate cake with chocolate snow frosting

By The Quintins'

Chocolate chip cupcakes with hard caramel as frosting.
Decoration : Powder nut, Chocolate cream and gummy

By The Quintins'

Mini chocolate chip and mixfruit cupcake.
Frosting : icing and marshmallow fondant
Decoration : gummy, nut powder, star and small ball candy.

By The Quintins'

CuteNess of the day::
My handsome dady wearing his t-shirt that i bought from Kuching.:)
~Dady's favourite animal * Urang Utan~

Wiskey! and Joanna (Rear thing hee...)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Breakfast for us?

Come and cook me a Breakfast...


kano kito momom...~

:To serve Them appetite to the hungry daughter of Samsons':