Friday, May 16, 2008

Critics On My building Design~. Based on Sir Robin.


Ow no my building!!. ahha..let me introduce you'll to my crazy unlogic design. hehe~ i always do this...Let us scroll down to my building design based on Sir Robin comment. *i always produce crazy2 design* check out..

Malasnya mau baca...

Nway, Forgive me for the pixel was not good. it's in JPEG, Bad Quality.
'A Showroom for toilet and bath'

Sir Robin comment :
To mixed up,entrance and corridor are like fighting for their outstanding*ness(solve: cover it with just a roof to make it one) . Water sculpture too slopy and simple (no attraction),jokingly he said my Mechanical and Electrical room services look like a coffin..haha but then he said okay. Showroom board, way too simple.

After Sir Robin speakout his comment, i then realize how mixed up my design was, very disturbing and my sculpture was very simple (mungkin because i can't draw the3d, susah oo...).Obviously, that unique*ness i create was way too messy.
*Design made By Jojo and produce by her brain, Conclusion..
*Design+mixed up+brain= kapoow!!! &^5t564 explode..*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day o~ Day o~


~ Taking care of my baby*bimbo "Dustfingernail"...Im trying to make her genius, my baby have to go to the library always...:)

~Confuse on my design building.

~Don't like what i'm doing (not my study la~~, of my life)

~is there such this as transferring black magic using hand phone, i found it out recently (weird but actually true)..

~Exercise,exercise... for my promNite. hehe. (but the saddest this is, i keep on eating, i can't stop)

~ Tomorrow my architecture election meeting for the election of the new committee member.

~ I'm laZyBazy, lazy to draw elevations and floor plan for my working drawing... how i wish i have this robotic hand, so i can draw with my eyes close.

~ Guilt@guilt..

~ i wanna hug my grandmother for real..

Got to go...bad rumors force me too... >EvilBlackmagicSatelite<

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sister Jessie Graduation Day.


let me see...
On 9th of May i sumakai bus from Sibu to Miri.

Took 8 hours straight. An adventure~ Sibu...Bintulu...Niah...miri

Attend my sister graduation day and ofcourse mother's day and also (i don't know about this) my 'moing' 80th birthday #Grandmama love you!!#

MIri Hotel:our wall room painting : (Comment: *** stars. Worth it. I feel like home)

From left ::me, Moing, Sister Jessie, Nenek and Sister Josielyn

Kissing Sister Jessie(curtin University).

Am i? :P

After 3days 2nites, i when back. practice dancing with my friend for our promnite(My promNite will be on the 20th ofJune 2008, Jojo B prepare!! takut~takut~takut~).

Monday, May 5, 2008

Splash of Magic, A Journey.. Fish Paradise "They trust us"

I when to Bukit Aup justnow but ofcourse la this was not my first. We when there not to entertain our self but to accompany Mimi for her site selection for her QS (Quantity surveying) Final Project (but end up having fun). As soon as we step there Kya , friend of Diana when to buy some snacks for us..haha not! for the fish there. You wont believe your eyes seeing Fish followed you, Punya paradise the feeling because usually fish are terrified with human but this, they actually foll
ow you around where you go till the end of the lake.

Mimi with the keropok ikan

As soon as you extend you hand to give them the keropok they want, bunch~bunches~bunches*es of fish gathered to fight for their food. Obviously that big fish will always win la because of its huge mouth and.... i saw a Turtle, out of no where, suddenly appear, interrupt the 'For ikan only' makan petang sessions, grab the food too. It's so weird but that turtle attract me somehow.

'Go turtle go!'

Me, top of Bukit Aup

Then we when up, up~up hill to the tallest of all sibu land. What i found out was a ritual hut which was odd to me. My friend told me that a lot of spiritual magician perform their spiritual magic like talking to the dead or some related to the spirit world, there. They actually have a specific place to perform one in the public with Dead chicken head, eggs and some~alot things all over the hut, same goes to the beautiful sculpture, it's all over the place. very~very scary and yes i should say this, very~ very open to the public. Click on the picture to see some example But do not click this when you're eating. Trust me.

Kya, Diana and Moing.

So enough with that scary thing, we then when to Bukit Aup's Jambatan Gantung, walk less then 1 minutes, take picture and then suddenly...i saw a moing... she was staring at the beauty of Bukit Aup. Oops.. i love that moing... hehe. Kapoh ni saya But she was the only moing i saw keeping up with a healthy life style in Sibu. She walk with her daughter. when i grow old i wanna be like that moing, very healthly. :)

Sinchan twins and her mother

So anyway after that we saw one of the ExtReemmEE CuTeneSs little Thing, a small girl look like SinChan (but in girl version)..Adui cute ni... like you wanna hug her... she was like, when Kya said Hi to her, So innocent she smile back and wave (haaa...hug me please..keke), then i ask mimi to help me to take picture of that little cuteness, Sembunyi sembunyi la ofcourse, cause She was so damn cute and i can't wait to show how cute she was in my blog... That picture above i crop it to make it bigger, the picture was actually taken from far. She was with her mother and her big sister around 7 years old.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Japan Love.

Guess what, I listen to japan songs today.I was attracted by BoA's performance and L'arc En~Ciel's performance. i rank them top 5. actually it was my friend who introduce me to BoA song, she said she was really good even when she perform in her concert, she's good both at singing and dancing. so here's the prove. i was really shock at first because i never thought that she's really that good and before i listen to her song, puzzled asking to myself "why is she so famous in Japan, what was so special about her?". So then i check her out in youtube. My friend suchee introduce me with two of her song called 'Konoyono Shirushi' and the second song which gave me goosebump called 'Merikuri'. She's awesome!!



The second one is a Japan Rock Band. 'L'arc En~Ciel'. Also introduce by my friend, Mimi (let me briefly summaries about my friend Mimi, She's in love with japan song, she rather listen to Japan than English song...hehe Big Fanatic la 2). So anyway i'm shocked when Mimi gave me This video. A Rock Band with good talent in dancing. I never thought that they actually can dance and teror main instrument and all of them can sing lagi 2 (wow how talented is that). recently they change their band name 'L'Arc En~Ciel' to 'P'unk En Ciel'. Why? because they change their Hyde the singer change his place playing the drum and the guitar, Tetsu, bassist to Singer, Ken, a guitarist to a singer and drummer, yokihiro - from drummer to singer...n Etc...). I listen to their songs and if i have 4 hands, i'll give them 4 thumbs up. Title - Stay away