Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween~

Wa! Trick or Treat.


Halloween Cupcakes by Sister Venice and Cousin Latania @Bunga.

Cousin Latania @Bunga.



Friday, October 29, 2010

October Fest. 2010

It all Started with rain.

Back from work.

Met PaulLen.

When Back home to get Ready.

And off to rumba in such a short time.

Was a bit sleepy but get all excited once I step in to the event.

Charmie didn't get to attend.

He was all sick that night

but the mamas get all happening

Sister Venice was the Photographer and Daniel too.

First up performance was Copper Coins.

Second was Lester from Andalusia.

Love how Lester did Medley.

Momain Blues

Quadro forte Brought the fun spirit out that night.

Everybody get up and dance and having their Crazy dance time.

October Fest. was really fun.

And to Cousin Evonne (Right side)
It was her Lovely birthday that day.
Quarto Forte Frontman when down and wish her Happy birthday and i think that was romantic. =)
I Wish Cousin Evonne a Very Happy.Happy Birthday.

Us~ with the Emcee. =)

Bitter Serenade and Daniel.
Missing in the picture, Mac Chua..

Before the night ended, My whole family (except Sister Jessie... =(..) when out to stuff own stomach at 126 restaurant in Penampang.

and We're back home~!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surprise.surprise. ^~^

...And again my sick season again..=(
Stop by to mumy tua house to get some herbs.
Kakak Janet gave me a present! To my surprise it's the knitting needles that I've been longing to have.
kakak Janet taught me how to knit.

Then to purpose Studio to Practice. =)
Practice getting better.
except what lack was my throat causing some vocally tuning problem.

Back home.
And some rest~

Monday, October 25, 2010

A day at the beach.

Stopped by at the Gas Station.

Photo Taken by Charmie.


Singing With Nelson

Charmie's happy face after receiving Henry's (Workmate) present.

A handmade CrossStitch I made one for Charmie's Birthday

Sitting on the grass without any Picnic blanket.
But it was fun.
Up until the red ants took a visit and say Hello to the foods.

Adore this shot.

To feed the two hungry tummeh.

The Ice-Cream was a throat relieve.
It was Sunny and Hot and the Ice-Cream melt so fast.


~T h e A r t~

Mine Draw.

Charmie's Cool Alphabetic.


Charmie and I Art on Sand.

Took this.
Tot it was unique.
Take a look at it closely ;)

Photo Taken by Moose

One of the :) moment~!

A Good Day at the beach.