Friday, October 8, 2010

Hangadon Zou diau, Moing. ;)

R.I.P Moing
Grandmama Tousia Moidon
11 May 1928 - 8 October 2010

Olu'oh ginavo om mimang miad koondom moing.
Hangadoon zou banal.
Nga au zou buli miaga tii sabap Moing doiho tampat Tavasi noh.
Tampat osundu

Joanna Quintin

I had the best childhood memories with grandmama.

But grandma,
You had suffered lot more than any other people.
I respected moing for being such a patience woman all of her life.

" As an eldest taking care of her 8 younger siblings during world war II; she was a great and responsible sister
A wife once living with an Abuser and Betrayed husband; She had a strong heart
Being to stand up by herself on her own feet, as a single mother together with her children,
building a shelter all by herself

started her own business alone so as to put food on the table for her children but was cheated and humiliate by many, She was the strongest woman

A kind heart,

A child lover,
A giver more than a taker

Soft spoken,

Own a cheerful smile,
A fantastic listener,
An excellent teacher. "

( A memories i wish to keep in my blog so as to remind of Grandmama)

She is now an Angel.

One day I'm gonna meet you in heaven Grandma.
You wait for it. ;)

Forever will be missed.

I Love you forever.

I'm so glad I stopped by an kiss you on the forehead before you go.
So glad.

"Bapa, putra dan roh kudus amen. Alleluia, Alleluia " - Last comforting words to Moing

P/s - and to Anna, you are the greatest dog, i hope Anna will take good care of moing. ;)


Graxieparadise-ejm said...

Huhuhuhu so sad ni jona~ huhuhuhu!!! sia mcm mau ngangis ni ba baca ur post. i miss my moing oso who left us last month juga. sedih tomod ti ginavo sia! i miss her so much too like u do. yang make me more sad i sempat cut her hair. still now i masih mcm sakit hati ni ... o so sad ni huhuhuhuhuhuhu sia mau ngangis OOooooooo!!!!!!! condolence to you and family~

clerence said...

sorry to hear bout' the news, condolence to you and ur family

Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson