Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rock Fest Marathon 2010

Last night, been practicing 'til 2a.m.

Back home, Finish up Baby'T

Next morning, Sound check.

Practice for an hour in the jamming room.

and Bitter Serenade off to perform.=)

Pictures not Own by dusty.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Battle of the Band Grand Final

Grand Final of the Battle of the band in Rumba 2010.

First place goes to..
Jon paradise

Second place

Third place
A Sky Collapse Triangle

They've done an excellent performance!

with Lester as one of the judges.

Support Bandwidth~

I have fun that night.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recall back movies!

Yesterday, my sister decided to watch movies at home.

so, we watch The house bunny.
Featuring Anna Faris,
and love kat dennings in it.
she is so straight foward.
very funny.

P.S. I Love you
And i cry the whole roll of it.
(gonna watch it again)

Wuthering Heights (Watch this in the Office)
I didn't know it was in a movie or some kind of a novel.
I first heard the Wuthering heights from a song sang by the Puppini sisters but originally by Kate Bush.
wanting to sing along, goggled the lyric and what i found was it was actually based on a novel of a long known novelist.
I grew up with this name long before because I was amaze by how incredible, 3 novelist sisters wrote their own book but died at the young age (Each one of them).

Wuthering Height by Emily Bronte.
Published in 1847.

Download movie...

Read the synopsis in Wikipedia with wuthering heights song by Puppini sisters on my ears,
Very terrifying yet sum with a deep, sad feeling.

Watch movie, cannot get hold of it
recess time over people!
so,I have.have.have to stop watching.
but can't wait for the conclusion.

and I hope one day i'll own Emily Bronte incredible book!
oo~ when will the time comee..~~!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Second Heat, Battle of the Band.

Attended 2nd heat Battle of the Band in Rumba,
kota Kinabalu, Sabah yesterday.

Three Bands when to the Grand Final. =)
sya lupaa the first band yang kena mention that got into the final round but congratulation to them (nanti if I know their band's name, I'll update again) and also, congratulation to Obsequre & My Own Prison

Next week, battle of the Band Grand Final.

Must Attend.!


With My Own Prison Lead Guitarist, Bryan.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Day and I Tag you! ;)

No. 1: Do you think you are hot right now?

Rite now?
Very cold.
Aircond... =(
But i'l be hot in juuust a minute.


Okay, I think i am soo hot rite now.



No. 2: Upload wallpaper that you are using rite now

Not Wholly own by me.
Took this in Google image.

Then Stopped by to a random blog.
Got this tingling and goosebumps feeling after reading her blog.
especially when she posted this.

Trus i change my wallpaper to this~


No. 3: Last time eating pizza?
O.o~I Hardly remember.

No. 4: Last song that you listen?

Billionaire by Bruno Mars featuring Travie Mccoy

No. 5: Others things that you are doing right now?

Thinking~ When's lunch? @@!
Listening to music

No. 6: Other than your name what is other name that people use to call you?




Banana Moing (Grandmama)

Bunanut Sister Jessica

1dollar girl Grandpapa's Costumers
(Back then, use to stop by to my grandpapa's small grocery store
asking for a dollar in front of every grandpapa's costumer and since then they created the name.
Grandpapa to heaven rite now, he was a kind hearted Grandpapa ever to meet)

(I was never a quiet and obedient little girl,
always am running and jumping and singing so loud and when i do all that, my parents will call me that @horsegrasshopper =P)

No. 7: Tag five person
{only 5?
oww~=( }
Jessica Sam
Marilyn Deasy

Who is no. 1 for you ?
One person I love most.
My elder sister.

Say something for person no.5
Met Shasha in Fb.=)

no.3 is in relationship with?
Not sure.. ehehe
Pretty cousin, Marilyn Deasy is my 3rd cousin from Tenghilan.

How about no.2 ?
My School mate and my class mate.
Sporting & extremely2x Funniie & Happy Go lucky

no 4 ?
First notice Clerence on his youtube.
Then met him face to face in an event, Borneo Motorsport.

Tagged By Aesther.
Thank you Aesther for the kind words in your blog.
I saw.~ ='))
Thank youu.~ =)

I have fun Doing this.=D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three Friends of Each Fans.

When to the bookstore with Mimiey&Henry.
And found this beautiful, inexpensive fan.
He is Strikingly attractive.