Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pertandingan Mencipta Lagu Baharu Kadazan 2011

-New Compose Kadazan song competition 2011-

On Stage..

Backstage With Latania @ Bunga

Two Beautiful awesome singers, ALICE MARIUS and DORIS BISUIL

and another awesome and Beautiful singer, DIANA MONJUIL

With The 'teror' bertutur dalam Kadazan boys.. :P

He's one Great Actor~!

(under performances of ADOLF JAMIT)

All 12 Finalist~ :)

and coincidently today is Mr James Kando's Birthday.. :) one of the Finalist.
Happy Birthday Mr James Kando.. =D

and Here goes the moment~
*Drum Beats*
and myheart too.. ^.^

Best Composer / Songwriter - JILIUS LOJUNGIN

Song sang by DORIS BISUIL (Dazanak)

Best Performance~ :)

Champion! -BOYED MOJIUN-
Song Title~Kouhian Do Mohoing

Second place, -CHARLES ROBERT-
Song ~ Julita

And Got Third. One Happy Moment recorded 2011.. Did not expect this to happen.:))

With my biggest supporter and best of all they are myfamily. :)

& my Workmates too..


Song title : Iziau Noh Zaza ku

Composed and Written by Joanna Q

Translated - Moinis Simin, Samson Quintin

Song Engineers - Aung Zaw Htoo (Pianist) & Calvin Lyn Myae


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outings :D

Leley and Maye Lim. :D
To French Cuisine at Suria Sabah ~ Le Safran

Then to UpperStar with Charmie at Lintas.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prince Charming Event (Charity)

Event Held by INTI College
Venue : Beverly Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

*Bakti Harapan Charity Event*

Thanks to Vanessa Toan for this honorable invitation.

Then, When to lido with family.