Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You're the Last and the Goodbye

~We wanna make it special for the coming Year of 2009.

Throw all the unluckiness that comes to our life.

Trash All mistakes (But be sure to learn from it), Regrets, Hurt and Every badness that had happened.

And start A new Countdown to the New year.~

(Last day of The end of year)
31. December. 2008

Before Checking*in to Imperial hotel.
Me and Mysib. when to the BigApple.

Us in our Hotel.

Dinner in Japanese Restaurant, Warisan Square.

*StarBuCk, Warisan square*

Leslie's helmet susah mau pakai.

Countdown In StarBuck.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Dinner Party, Penampang.

Dinner party in Penampang at Papa Moing's house

A Table with Relatives~
.With funnies uncles.

Just wanna Freshen up...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Coming..?

Well... Santa never Came.
Wonder Why..

But I have my own Christmas blessing this year,
Not only i get to be close with my cousins (Balik Kampung)
*But, i got my new hand phone.! :)

And In Kampung, i'm having Alot of fun
Up until i get So*really Sleepy La.

Celebrating Christmas and in advance celebrating Nenek Tenghilan's 78*Years birthday.


Karaoke And Partay with cousins.

We were having our blast.

As the night darken, i get so.. sleepy. ~_~
But Still, They continue their Karaoke*ing and Dancing till dawn. ~
They promise to stop Early bah 2 but see what happened.. ;P

Sleep For a while,
hoop in Dad's car at 6.00Am And We're back to KK.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa, Bless Jojo 4 a good Christmas...

After Christmas Church.

Momom D Kampung Air with Family.

~*When home*~

Bunga And her mother When to our house.

Because Mumy bought some*some present.
Yess.. Female's Favorite Stuff

And My Untie Loves it sooo Much.

While... Took Some piX with Bunga.:)

****The Reindeer, The Devil and the Birthday girl Are actually Having Fun together...****

Me, Bunga And Kakak Cc.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Merry. Merry Santa Rina Shopping..!

Santa Mannequin.
~Does the Booty*Shake.~

(Ada Grandpa ba Actually Standing beside me when i captured this picture.
He gave his comment but i dont understand a word pun because he spoke Mandrin. hopeFully he okay..Then I said, Xie*XieNi ..)


My Dad Browsing for Shoes..

Smurf? Nah..Not for Christmas.

Always look for Christmas sales..:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Lovely Friend, I call my BestFriend... ::*DIANA*:: HappyBirthday.


She accept me the way i am,
She doesn't even care how gigantic rumors surrounded me,
She comfort me when i have problems,
And when i make mistakes she help me through to the right way,
I trust her Alot.

I was weak once,
But she advised me without any whine,
She was always so patience to me,
She's fun, caring and loving to people who she call friends,
She will always cheer me up when i'm sappy, making funny jokes!

She will always be there for me when I'm down crying,
She's like my big sister,
She brings me anywhere to any occasion,
I treasure every friendship with her.

Cute, Golden heart Dyana.

Diana And Me.
(After Prom In Dayang's House)

But the most important thing is She Never Fail to make me happy,.



P/s: Im sorry i've no present and failed to finish the video for you (Actually i have already plan to make a pic vid for your birthday..~v~) But i hope this Post will make you happy^.^''
Again, Happy Birthday My Dear Friend Diana.:) Lots of LOVE.

Friends forever!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I still miss my Laptops.
My HandPhone
& External Hardisk. :(

Saturday, November 29, 2008


:: Nagisa ::

Japanese Restaurant in Hyatt Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

With Kakak Venesa Also. :)

Environment : O wow, excellent. Five stars indeed. Waiters wearing traditional Japanese Cloths and their interior design makes you feel like in Japan, Tho i never been there before. Comfortable.
Food : Like most Japanese Restaurant.
Friendliness : Excellent!
My tummy : Really full.
Sepa Blanja? : Hehe, A La Page.:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A La Page 1 Year Anniversary.


A La Page Magazine Anniversary in 1Borneo (22 November 2008)

Beatrice (A La Page Editor and Boss) gave the luck draw to the winner.
On Stage, Mc (with microphone) with Marketing executive Sonia (White) and Jessie (Blue)

A La Page Magazine!
(Now turns green)

For those people who don't know what this magazine is all about. This is a free magazine dedicated to tourists and locals. Emphasize mostly to Where to eat in Sabah, health care, sabah product and Ect.. Actually everything about Sabah.

Some of the information in this magazine even sabahan people themselves don’t even know that such place actually exists in Sabah.

That’s the main purpose of the A La Page magazine is to introduce traveler and local people every interesting places to go or buy stuff in Sabah. :)

KK PaintBall.

V.I.P coming through...

(Masih tidak puas ni,'s )

My Mummy tua, Moinis Simin(Jessel's Grandmama)
Jessel (Hensem Boii).

And Here it is, Kakak Janet's (Jessel's mother) Recent picture with Jessel.