Sunday, November 23, 2008

A La Page 1 Year Anniversary.


A La Page Magazine Anniversary in 1Borneo (22 November 2008)

Beatrice (A La Page Editor and Boss) gave the luck draw to the winner.
On Stage, Mc (with microphone) with Marketing executive Sonia (White) and Jessie (Blue)

A La Page Magazine!
(Now turns green)

For those people who don't know what this magazine is all about. This is a free magazine dedicated to tourists and locals. Emphasize mostly to Where to eat in Sabah, health care, sabah product and Ect.. Actually everything about Sabah.

Some of the information in this magazine even sabahan people themselves don’t even know that such place actually exists in Sabah.

That’s the main purpose of the A La Page magazine is to introduce traveler and local people every interesting places to go or buy stuff in Sabah. :)

KK PaintBall.

V.I.P coming through...

(Masih tidak puas ni,'s )

My Mummy tua, Moinis Simin(Jessel's Grandmama)
Jessel (Hensem Boii).

And Here it is, Kakak Janet's (Jessel's mother) Recent picture with Jessel.


ohyeahmoreyeah said...

wow. brapa price paintball set tu? best nya kalau ada, boleh tembak burung ni

cute nya niece ko!

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

ohyeahmoreyeah ~ haha.Kesian juga ko mau tembak burung2.Punya innocent 2 dorang.

O Nway 2 gunshot yang sya pegang kan, price ranging RM4000 sebab dia special made, the KK paintball owner's name ada kena carved on the Paintball gun, dats y dia mahal. Yang the paintball mask, hundred juga la. hehe...sya lupa sudah.. if im not mistaken sumthing rm400hundred upper.:) you can visit their website bah 2. Beside that Dorang ada buat tournament juga d KL. :) Smart kan. hehe

* :)Thank you.. {Jessel Heart:trob.}

ohyeahmoreyeah said...

RM4000? :O

Real revolver gun in black market pun RM3,500 ni :(

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

Ohyeahmoreyeah ~ ya... because that Shootgun specially made bah 2..Everything kena modify kan, dats y cost overall termasuk modify, Macam tlampau expensive.