Monday, November 3, 2008

Day When, Day go.*13 more of no feeling no low..

"Im in love!!
um...watching soup drama?"

I am obsess (well, Almost) to some drama that i have my full schedule watching them and waiting for it upload the whole-wide day while doing My h**s* Work...

I Love soap Drama..!
Just recently actually. ehee..
Diana kusayang told me to watch it:) ~
And now, indeed I'm Obsess ever since watching Absolute boyfriend
(I'm a nerd..hehe)

Recent watch ~ Absolute boyfriend (Japanese Drama)
Hana Kimi (Japanese Drama)


Um' i have been reading some interesting (all sort of emotion) fact about Dodo bird.

.Dodo Bird.Already Extinct.

This Dodo bird so cute that you just wanna hug them. Hehe joking but indeed a cute bird la.

Research found that a dodo bird is actually thinner than on that picture, than what/some told it was a fat bird.

*Extinct almost 2/3 centuries ago.
*Only found in 3 of Madagascar's very small island (Africa).
*One of it was the Maritius island.

It was written that when after sailors started to accommodate in the island, this cute Dodo started to fatten up which i pun also don't know how it happened.

Dodo is Well-known to the world of its clumsiness, stupidity and slowness
(which is slightly true but i found it strangely adorable).

When a ship of Spanish sailor and their other animal (they bring along Cats, Dogs, Rats and Pig) happened to stop by to the island, the Dodo bird greeted them like a
(that's what the history acclaim it).
So obviously you will have the picture/idea of a bird that didn't know how cruel human was to a bird like them (same goes Hens and Turkey).

Dodo's name derives from a Spanish word...

The reason why they extinct so fast was because it was easy for a human to catch them, they are not a fast runner .

They even laid egg on the ground despite of their small wings, they could not fly. So, tragically it was consume by other animals brought by the ship.

After they extinct, One of Mauritius Main tree stop growing its seeds because Dodo was the circle chain of the tree's ecosystem But then it was replace by a turkey.

..Day when, Day Go..

Like promised,
(I put besar2 supaya everyone can see ;P)

Kadazan tongue twister:

Bambangan, Bosungan, Bosou
(Say it repeatly)

(pronounce *Sung* in malay language, Not *sung* in english )

*Originated From Kakak Venesa and c'Nana*

**When i say it fast, over again i can't help my self from saying Bosuon.
That was super critical...!** And Super Sinner.

N Even my Kakak Cc, my Mumy pun pandai terbingung cakap those 3 words.

Yet, Another show outs to my Friends back in Sibu and Sabah,


It's their birthday!

Happy Birthday To beloved Scorpio Gal On November.

*Suk Moi (My Twins, Bestee since 15Y.O)
*Zahidah (Same date)
*Lele (Bestee Since 9Y.O, Miss her!)
* Flowery Maria (Talented Dancer)
* SuChee (Innocent Cutie Pie)
*Fiona (Talented and Guffy)
*Shirly (Extreme Genius Brain)
*Suesheila (Baby! xD)
*Dayang (Funny&Comfort)
*Nadwa (A*Moi-Del&Down to earth)

And i Wish My friend to have a happy birthday this year.

(And happy Belated birthday to Katy perry and Tila Tequila ;D)

Five o'clock heroes feat Agyness Deyn
(My Recent Favourite, Agyness Deyn is so pretty~!)


@_@ WoW!


ohyeahmoreyeah said...

how to use soju is korean's version of tapai lol.

..and happy birthday to you joanna (16th Nov)

fisho said...

you just put everythg in one place huh from soap drama to history lesson to wishing every1 hpy bday heheh

nice info on the dodo but dont think its cute =P

can i put ur blog link in my blog?

diyanadiya said...

hehehe... anyway.. nice information my fwenn.. bahh bila ko mau call sa????

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

ohyeahmoreyeah ~ :) Thank*You. you too have a very happy2 birthday diz year. 13 november is it?
Mysoju? Easy bah.. just click the link until you have met the video itself. Then ko tunggu sampai la the video upload. N O ya~ i like your blog o..hehe punya funny..

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

Fisho ~ Ya~ kinda mess things up rite there? what to do, i have so many to tell. Maybe because i didn't update my blog for such time and next thing i kinda blast things out. hehe... sorry if its kinda sore the eyes. :p

R u sure Dodo not cute? how come? i don't know la, i think i reckon dodo's cute because i love the bird's character..But dodo's peak kinda crooked actually, that maybe brought the idea of the un*pretty kinda bird.

:) Yes~ ofcourse you can link De' blog.Wow, Thank*You.:)

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

DiyanaDiya:Bestest:: ~ :) Thank*You Diana.. Have you watch the video clip? *_*..Idol o dia..Bah nanti sya call ko k.. but inform me bah...:) hehehe. kah msg ka..
Diana.. post kiamat besar in ur blog, i am dying to know.

fisho said...

JOJO DODO no much different heheh if u say cute then both cute la hehhe

ok i'll put ur link on my blog thanks..
hv a grt day =)

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

Fisho ~ haha.. Haai'ya so Drastic.;p.
Nway, Thanks N hehe Welcome.

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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