Friday, November 7, 2008

Once upon a Time...


Here’s the story..

Me and my Kakak C.c,

so we when out and we stopped to a place.

An unknown white dog came to us. Well, He was rather strange looking (Really strange I presume <_>) and I was shocked of how strange this dog was.

I then told my sister that the dog looked somewhat like a human. I thought someone put a spell on that dog (I’m not teasing the dog La but that was my true first perception).

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit scared even though he was so kind to us (he howl very strange).

Back home, I told my other sister about this really ‘strange’ dog we met.

Seriously I thought some witch put a spell on that dog. Reason was for all of my life I, never, saw this type of dog from anywhere including the internet.

One and half month later, I open the ‘Doggy Pet’ blogspot (you can click on that, He have this good information about dogs :)..).

So, I am really, really surprise and happy,

and so glad and also excited,

that actually there is this type of dog exist.

The dog’s breed name, The Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier dog own a triangle eyes.

Horse-like head. Thick Neck.Bulldoggy Body.Erect ears. (A warrior)

He have this freak face and a body like a bulldog but somehow, in a strange way, I just fall into them.
That, I wish one day if I have my own [R::Value*paper::M], I wish to own this breed because seriously, I think this dog is so unique..

And there it is, Let you fly to... Jojo's WishList.


marilyndeasy said...

weird or the white dog~
kin takut! ehehe..

hey are we connected? i mean our grandma? in detail please..hee..

marilyndeasy said...

hey cuz wuts ur email??
need to invite u to this one website..

Dr BaLaNTui 蝌蚪 said...

OMG!! wat is tat.....

Pak pak~ kakundoh~
sumu sui do jambatan~~


'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

MarilynDeasy ~ Ya~ memang bikin takut 2, live2 nampak macam orang ni. hehe, tapi... tidak la, masih cute la, dia tlampau unique sampai sya pun Ter*fall in love sama dia.;) x ba, Jk.hehehe
Um,We are connected through my dady's mother (My*NenekTenghilan) punya side. Nthen, both of our granny 1st cousin.My email i already gave it to you through facebook.:)

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

Dr Balantui~ Dat's a dog la... A Bull terrier. Long time didn't C U updating ur blog but i've notice that you have improved your K/Dusun language, Good2. Keep on karaoke*ing.:)

After Sumunsui do jambatan...@_@?

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

hahaha :p