Saturday, October 18, 2008

Check out D.z moveS.

Recently, i found a video clip that i love so much.
It was Beyonce new Video in title 'Single ladies'.

The dance was Crazy and admirable. Her beat makes Everyone including me wanna jump out of My 'boring' cushion and Dance.

For my opinion, the way she dance in that Vid are similar to those of Traditional African woman which i adore so much. She really hits the move and dances like a Pro. Indeed A talented lady. Again, i am in with the dance move!

Meanwhile, Not so long ago, i happened to past by
to a youtube group of dancers
(Actually i was searching for another new song by
Danity Kane)
So i was like 'wow' and Yes~ like you expected, another 'Wow'..

Immediately i fell in love not only the song but their
dance moves.

The song is by Danity Kane, Secret place.

This is their URL youtube if you all wanna check out;

My Kakak Janet And His husband, Scott,
Jessel's parents

AND Introducing future Hearthrob :)....

Jessel Scott... (isn't he's Cute? hehe)
And he's my nephew! :)

Nway, this is me in my Mumy tua's Kitchen During his 1 month birthday.

Back and forth to Sandakan.
Enjoying Kampung life for the whole week.

Dance 'Till i crack the Floor


ohyeahmoreyeah said...


scotty reminds me of a song..

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

LOL. Adakah.

ow..i saw the vid, So kesian. it's in a filem yang d EuroTrip bah 2.. :)But poor Scott..

Dr BaLaNTui 蝌蚪 said...

OMG!!! WAT A big kitchen...DUH~
i miss KAMPUNG life....
so relaxing....
boo boo boo