Friday, May 16, 2008

Critics On My building Design~. Based on Sir Robin.


Ow no my building!!. ahha..let me introduce you'll to my crazy unlogic design. hehe~ i always do this...Let us scroll down to my building design based on Sir Robin comment. *i always produce crazy2 design* check out..

Malasnya mau baca...

Nway, Forgive me for the pixel was not good. it's in JPEG, Bad Quality.
'A Showroom for toilet and bath'

Sir Robin comment :
To mixed up,entrance and corridor are like fighting for their outstanding*ness(solve: cover it with just a roof to make it one) . Water sculpture too slopy and simple (no attraction),jokingly he said my Mechanical and Electrical room services look like a coffin..haha but then he said okay. Showroom board, way too simple.

After Sir Robin speakout his comment, i then realize how mixed up my design was, very disturbing and my sculpture was very simple (mungkin because i can't draw the3d, susah oo...).Obviously, that unique*ness i create was way too messy.
*Design made By Jojo and produce by her brain, Conclusion..
*Design+mixed up+brain= kapoow!!! &^5t564 explode..*


The Quinteens said...

Yeah~we absolutely enjoyed our family vacation that time haha~and celebrating Mother's day at the same time with all the funny act and laughter both of our grandmas so joyful!!XD

You design and model-making really seem very complicated to do it.But i see it with all admiration.Woah well done you manage to finish your 3D~ Gambateh neh!! hahaha~
i miss you so much darling!!=)
You must do good in your finals Mum & Dad really expecting to it :+:>,< :+:
Wink*wink* beautifull*

Anonymous said...

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