Friday, July 4, 2008

Joseph Gallery in Sibu 2008.

Our Architecture Club organize a trip to Joseph Gallery in Sibu. He's one of the successful architect with modern dwelling design and really outstanding interior display in his gallery.

Ghost chair(Ignore da' zebra bag)

~ with architecture library more Knowledgeable then ours in school. we are like a bird in a cage 'Architecture shock'... His library was like 'WOW'... Eyes dropping. Talk about his face, well he do look like a Japanese Architect. His skin and all, the face structure... :). hehe sempat lagi 2 tapi he was like talking to us bah dats y we get to study his face. And i was like talking to SuChee "he look like a japanese", Like one of the Tadao Ando face hehe but no joke. It's true.

~ One of his design using fung shui element like water, earth and fire. He explain us about his indication of a pitch roof, wavery roof and flat roof with these elements.

My friend and Me with one of Joseph gallery's design.

Woman sculpture and me standing infront of joseph Gallery courtyard. (muka x cukup tidur ~_~)Jojo standing d corridor. The corridor without railing yang u can straight away jump to the courtyard. But I LOyke it because the view was nice.


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