Monday, June 14, 2010

I got that straight, making the world a Better Place.

I was in a supermarket, queuing, when a man infront of me shouted to the cashier.

The man was so rude that i felt like ~_~!!

and i meant by that he was extremely... extremely... rude.

The manager when in and gotten herself involved in that conversation, with her soft tone, she told the guy whether he wanted a box to put inside his stuff.

He refused, saying something insulting.

with a bottle on his hand he moved his forearm with back and forth motion pointing to the manager.

What a incident.
I was shocked of how rude a person can be.
And he has no sense of respect to a woman.
He nearly beat her.

but she lean backward to prevent the bottle from hurting her.

And believe it, this is just because of the new rules applied recently :

'No Plastic Bag every Monday'

Officially, Bring your own Recycle bag every Monday.
(if not, Everyday pun can..=) ehehe)

Save your cost too because they'll charge you 20cent for a bag of plastic...on Monday =)

Go Green Earth Go!



delasagos said...

hehe sa kena ni 20sen aiyooo

clerence said...

mari la sama-sama kurangkan penggunaan 'palasitik' peace

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

haha~ tia pa ba. kena derma juga tu dua puluh sin pigi environment care. =)

Clerence Yes support earth! =D