Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Worse Rejection (Leading to A Simple Life)

April 22 2008

I have my full class today from 8 till 3pm and i am so damn tired from my body to my brain. i just have a brain freeze. Seriously i can't think anymore. My house floor plan was totally rejected by my course leader so badly. i shall say My worst rejection ever but well, he do make sense because my family gathering area have no window only one but not sufficient enough to cater ventilation and natural lighting and he commented my kitchen and he said i never been to the kitchen before, Meaning he said i'm not a kitchen person by looking at my kitchen plan and i said to him "um maybe because i never been to the luxury one before". okay seriously wat was i thinking?

but i respect my course leader because he's a good teacher. He teaches me and Su Chee(my course mates) alot. i think he was doing all the complaining because he want to teach us how to accept and face a rejection because he said different people have different perspective in looking at a design. some might say perfect some might say worse and that worse is a rejection