Sunday, April 27, 2008

Believe It Or Not. A Killer.

Below pictures taken during my 5th semester here(Earlier this year). Scares the hell out of us especially my friends who actually present during this incident happen. They actually heard a girl screaming in our college toilet around 6pm, they saw 2 motorcycles and a man. My friends quickly rush to the hostel.

Around 7Pm we when to the toilet to check out but we were to scared so we bring along one guy from the college basketball court which happened to be my friend. What we found out was blood all over and 2 knifes. Called our admin and he rush to the hostel.Half and hour later, he( our admin) when back home without us knowing and he never ask us what had happened. An hour later he phone one of my friend and ask us to close this case but my friends was so scared because the man they saw outside the toilet actually knew that my friends was the witness of that incident. so around 11Pm we when to the police station and the police together with us when to the same toilet to investigate but as we found out drops of blood and the 2 knifes we all gone. luckily we've taken some picture earlier and also we found out there's a drop of blood they didn't wash.
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