Saturday, August 23, 2008

SunSet Cruise wit Our Busy cupcakes...

Hello A La Page Magazine!
( )

So... My sisters and me woke up in a morning for our mission to finish baking 100 tiny cupcakes for our beloved cousin, c Tallie that happened to celebrate his engagement to his long time girlfriend, Gia and his birthday all in one go!

...Congratulation to Leslie And Gia...
One of the cutest couple,
Sadly i'm not there for their engagement in Papar,

but for sure i'm going for their wedding.

Was i suppose to go out with a friend of mine to a Yam cha? heee...Sorry.

Me, Kakak Venesa, Abang Tallie, Kakak C.c and uncle Ommie, His Birthday Party

So Hello Again A La Page Magazine!
( )

Psst.. If you happen to pass by an A La Page Magazine Anywhere, just take it..its free!

Failing to finish decorating cupcakes i follow my big sister to her exciting work. She's been working in a Borneo Magazine (A La Page) couple months back so yeah.. i follow her at 430Pm :) to Sutera Harbour hotel to catch up our boat, for their upcoming Issue in September.

(In SunSet Cruise)

'Syok Sendri' taking picture. Ahha...=)
Woo... I love that breezy wind.

The A La Page's Associates.

*~* Miss Pang (talented Master Degree Writer)
*~* Jessie (crazy Marketing Manager)
*~* Beatrice (intelligent Editor/CEO)
*~* Kenny (Chic Photographer)


st.castle said...

hi...nice cup cake u and ur sis bake...a cute garnish ni...if u can bake of course u oso can cook ni kan..hmmmm..i wish i can have a slice of ur cup cake...