Thursday, August 14, 2008

CupcakeSsss... ~

By the famous Cupcake maker Presenting..... H.N~

"It makes you drool, Fly and its up high."

What possibly do you need of a sweet sensation to kill off your boring day...Its a Cup Cakes.

Believe it or not i never enjoy cupcake and cupcakes was never my favorite food during my childhood (it was my big sister favorite). So she's the one who make it famous in my life always asking for my mum to buy one for her. The reason why i never wanting to taste one because i found it uninteresting and tasteless (Yes i tried before and always but still it never attract me).

But one day, as i grow i am now, hehe my sister gave a bite of this beautiful and OMGosh...really yummy cupcakes. "i never try that before is this some kind of a new invention"
Nah~ it's not, that cupcakes just arrive Sabah and no wonder people from all over the world in love with it.

So anyway, one of the famous cupcake maker and decorator is Hello Naomi *H.N* (yes~ 'hello' cupcakes it says..). She decorate her cupcakes with different kind of design each every time.

Robotic cupcake ~ Hello naomi

Lego Cupcake Design ~ Hello Naomi

PacMan Cupcake Design ~ Hello Naomi

Cartoon Design ~ Hello Naomi

Japanese Cartoon Cupcake Design ~ Hello Naomi

Girly*girl Cupcake Design ~ Hello Naomi

Hallowen Cupcake Design ~ Unknown

*~*MouthWatering... In it?*~*


Dorian Gray said...

Hiiii, sorry I don´t know why I came here hehe but I was reading your blog (little) and it´s very happy,I like how do you write, you are very happy, hehe I´m living in Brighton England and I´m studiying English sorry I have a bad English,.. probably i will check your blog again ,because it´s funny and happy hehe, thank you , have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I love the cupcakes! Very cute - I wish I could make/eat them =\