Friday, August 1, 2008

AloHa Cat Town...

First day of Trip (28 July 2008)

In the Bus~(Mimi, Dayang and Diana)

Lubok Antu ~ At the back of me was a mountain that bound Sarawak from Indonesia

Batang Ai, human made lake~

Dayang and me Enjoying View of this mermaid color lake.

Hydroelectric... While he talk, i shoot ma' pix.:)

Barbeque...! Middle picture, Dayang help Barbeque^ing chickens. Lecturer preparing food for all of us. (but ofcourse we help~)

Yes~ regardless to say, i only know how to have fun in the playground...hehehe..Me favorite place.

Second Day of the Trip (29 July 2008)

Stop for Breakfast

RTM (P.Ramlee)

Me and Diana in RTM auditorium

With one of the famous DJ in Sarawak

The boys acting as the News Reader

Me and Mimi shooting the boys (haha joking only...but pretending shooting la~)

~The spring~

OMG~ the spagetti in Pasta was really nice.
Mimi with her Korean food, Memang xtreme delicious .
Diana and Dayang~

Third Day of Trip (30 July 2008)

United College Sarawak Branch in Kuching

Our Group Photo.

Crown Tower's lift with all the girls except Cindy (O.ow... Cindy cannot be found). Mimi took this picture so she's here.:)hehe

Yup, Yup i'm the QueenTin.
It's a Tradisional restaurant, The interior was very comfy Situated just next to the Crown Tower but i haven't taste the food yet~ but i love the chair, i feel like a Queen..ehee

Wow~Check out dayang from far boleh suap Ice-cream to Mimi...

Kuching Library

Lets hang out and eat at the Kuching library, canteen..

Dayang and me at the rear of library (hee..nice kan view dia)

Glass Staircase and Golden pond beneath it. (pewwet~ nice ow, i am so jelous)

The Cat Museum (ngEe'nYau~ngee'nYau)
I am so proud that my Capten and Wiskey was born in Sarawak...keke

Yes~ we are pwroudy to be Kitty~Catty, ow..and i love my fury color..Cute.. Wow shirly u r so sexy!! hehe..Mimi patut pergi diet ni~Telampau gumuk sudah.hehe

Jojo do not sit on that cat...:).. "haha, sorry.."

Ow...So sweet.. I want too...:( hehe

Guess what Alphabet we are forming

Cindy and me inside the Gua... Yang so dark tapi nasib got flash..

Mourning for the Dead of a Cute Fat cat... No joke..he's fat.. But no denial, all Cats owner love fat cat especially was a true burial.

(Kilang Pencuci Kain Fab..hehe Juking Ony...)
Manufacturer of Cip.

Sign board on the front gate.

We're heading inside the building...X-fab was about making cip like computer cip, pil cip (For medication purposes),IC cip and on. They called it waffle.

Right before we enter the building, we were ask to wear a blue plastic cover to cover up our shoe probably act as urmm 'penebat' hehe, i dont know what that called in english.

Back to Motel!

Scorpio girl sitting on motel staircases

Me and Dayang taking picture with one of sarawak's sculpture after shopping for my dad's present. picture taken by a man whom we don't know and assume us to be a Philipino... hehehe don't know y.

Fourth day of the Trip (31 July 2008)

Last day of the Trip. Yes~ the Cat... Finally. But the mama Cannot see because she was to bright.

British building. Resting& taking picture... (Picture taken By mimi). me sitting on diana's Pehe... hehe (spoil Brat gurl...)

China Town at the back of us.

Walking along Waterfront.

More to know about me, I love taking picture on benches.

Me and dayang in Chinese museum. The Thing was donated by someone over 200 years ago, if i'm not mistaken. inside there was a donation box where visitor can make a wish and drop some monies.

Dayang and Diana standing outside my most favorite waffle of all time, Magic Bite. You all should go there, situated very near to the waterfront. Somewhat along, i think.

Waiting for our Waffle. Yum~Yum

Sorry, i eat first. Enjoying meal at The Snack in kuching airport with Diana. 
(going home and my flight oh so very late, it's at 10P.M, i have been staying there from 1P.M)

Finally the Saddest Part, the separation will always gonna be the saddest...


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