Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lembah Impian

I was in love on the first day i stepped into this Classic place.
Lembah Impian, Putatan

Printed on their Tissues

Yummy~ Chocolate Cookies

P'nut's Lunch

mumy's Lunch

De' Valley ~ For Buffet or other Special Functions. :)

Barn House.. Spa & Reflexology.

Outside of their first mansion.

Entering through the front door.

Cool door Detailing.

and to the Lobby

Living Room

~Guest Room~

~Guest Room~

Guest room: Notice that huge Book..

it has a secret drawer actually.

at the High-Tea Room with sister Venice.. :)

~Going up~

and this how it looked like upstairs with spiral staircase leading to another room.. and that big door at the left side is the master room.. at the rear of where i am standing, a Family living room and hallway leading to each rooms. :)

Nicest Place to stay in and dine in too. :)

with your family ofcourse..

Although they serve our order quite late. Lucky I am not hungry...

But the food was Fantastic!

Stop by at charmie to send souvenir from Lembah Impian.

When home.

I was so Sleepy right after.


Air said...

NIce place to hang around in putatan. nvr thought such place exist..hehehe thank u for the info :)

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

You most welcome Air.. :D

Anonymous said...

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