Saturday, August 1, 2009

MumblegranteddrumbleWishbleList~ Dog, Coming Through~

To anyone who've been following my blog since day 1, you'll probably know what am i mumblingbumblinghappingabout~

O yes!! no question about it, Thank god to universe (i knew it they've been following my blog ever since i registered :-P)..

I should make more wishlistkan and post it in my blog..~*~

I wish to own a dog.~ not just any dog..

The weirdest dog i ever encountered in life. Can't stop thinking about it ever since~

So one very lucky day, one of my Senior workmate talked about giving dogs to my workmate and to my fully surprise I was told by him that his dog is a mix blood of a Bull Terrier.

I get excited and He decided to give it to me~

Arrived very lucky day when Finally I Held Her

To be frank, i got pretty scared taking care of her in the future (You'll should read facts about bull terrier)~

She's not 100% Bull tho but she has the shape of bull terrier side view nose..

Yah~la my dad panicking even more when my Senior Workmate told my dad yang she's the fierce type.

But.. Still i cannot believe my own eyes that i am holding my Favorite dog, I never in my whole life would imagine that to happen.

As, she arrived home, she was terribly scared of us

(Sang to her a song at the same time practicing for my audition tonight @_@ *Nervous*) ~ And after her long lullaby sleep. She woke up and was ever so spoiled and Friendly all of the sudden. :-) but that's good tho because i don't want her to feel scared..~

Named her after my name Jo..and her name is Anna..~ :-)
(haha because i wanna know ba if i name her Anna how la her character..)

Anna! Welcome to the Quintins. :-)

Surely =)


marilyndeasy said...

why posted 1st august? my updated blog list says u update ur blog but it was 4 weeks to the scroller down(haha, wujud ka tis word)..

anyway, congrats for havin ur fav dog! wah, ur wish is granted! punya best! haha..u shud wish more things lah kalo gitu..heh!

hi anna! *waving to anna sambil muka takut2* LOL

post her sexy pic here! hee=]

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

oo~~ @_@.. scroller down..mmm..~~ i think ada ba 2.. :P hahaha kasi ada sejala, ngam juga d mo di dingar.hehe o.O Diz post, ya~ i jst post dat day..dats y, kena taru inside as a draft all this while.

Ba okay, No wories i'll post her sexy picture one day..:-)

*Deasy, c Anna bilang ":("*