Sunday, August 29, 2010

My story. (The tales of local talents)

Thank you Jonathan Tse for this opportunity and for featuring me and my cousin&friend in 'My Story'. Soooooooo honored.

unlucky me,
but that day, I've been attacked by my long time partner, my stage fright.

I was so nervous, I am shaking all over plus I am extremely freezing inside.

I was just so scared that I might let my Family & friends down.

Thanks to two of my acoustic guitarist that night
Nelson Chua (Friend) and Kevin Daniel (Nephew) ;)

When I was in front with my mic on, my stage fright never let me go. I am still as freezing and still as nervous.
Despite all that...
Even though I had my vocals thumbs down that night,
I am so grateful that they still showed their greatest support.
oohh i wanna thank them so much, I wanted to hug each and everyone of them.

Thank you kaorukasuganishi for this video. =)


Friends and Families with Appy Tot and Raymond Tan.
(Picture by Henry)

Friends and Families
(Picture by Melanie)

(With Beautifuls, Fahdillah and Melanie)

and to Max ~ Thank you for the Pink Flower. It was veryveryveliveli beautiful. :)
Matches the pink butterfly on the side of my hair. ehee..


a friend of mine from kuching, Peggy for coming.
thaaannnnkkkk yooooouuu peggeh!! ehehe

Then to old Town cafe.
Yam chaa with friends. :)