Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recall back movies!

Yesterday, my sister decided to watch movies at home.

so, we watch The house bunny.
Featuring Anna Faris,
and love kat dennings in it.
she is so straight foward.
very funny.

P.S. I Love you
And i cry the whole roll of it.
(gonna watch it again)

Wuthering Heights (Watch this in the Office)
I didn't know it was in a movie or some kind of a novel.
I first heard the Wuthering heights from a song sang by the Puppini sisters but originally by Kate Bush.
wanting to sing along, goggled the lyric and what i found was it was actually based on a novel of a long known novelist.
I grew up with this name long before because I was amaze by how incredible, 3 novelist sisters wrote their own book but died at the young age (Each one of them).

Wuthering Height by Emily Bronte.
Published in 1847.

Download movie...

Read the synopsis in Wikipedia with wuthering heights song by Puppini sisters on my ears,
Very terrifying yet sum with a deep, sad feeling.

Watch movie, cannot get hold of it
recess time over people!
so,I have.have.have to stop watching.
but can't wait for the conclusion.

and I hope one day i'll own Emily Bronte incredible book!
oo~ when will the time comee..~~!!


Graxieparadise-ejm said...

eeeeee.... it's been 10 times ka lebih lei sia tinguk tu p.s i love u!!!! i love romantik lau mau ngangis better tinguk ni movie!!!!!! eeee jona i suka oooooo huhuhuhuhuhu.... jona, u ble datang ruma i? on the 4 september? my engagement day huhuhuhu

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

siokk kan evaa.. hayaa.. tia pandai tu sya stop menangis. punyaa main syok.last2 dia sama bestfriend husband dia.. punya ngam! sya happy.=Dehehe..cutee..lagi tu.=P ehehe
Eva mau engage? waa.. caaan..=D eva i am so happy for you. Plus sya suka tingu both of you, such sweethearts.=)) Congratulation my dear evaa!

clerence said...

have you watch 'The Notebook' ? kalau belum you should, it's a great love story :)

Graxieparadise-ejm said...

Ya... im getting engage.. hope u and yang lain can come and sudi datang... ya ba.. sia inda ble trima jua o sia rasa if sia pnya loves one kan pergi g2 jak ni... so sad ooooo... huhuhuhuhu