Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You are so Lovable.

Today, I celebrate Ash Wednesday with my beautiful family.

(People Still spreading their Kapoow).

That morning i accompanied my kakak jessie to service her car. we stucked there for an hour before mom pick us up to Kak Nong at Beverly Hills. (Yum!).
Soon after we reached home,
Together with Sisters And cousins,
We started to Take pictures and messing around heavily Craziest wigs..

it was Extremely hilarious and funn~

Kakak Jessie Looks like Barbie in Blonde.

Beautiful Sisters & Relatives.

But here's the main story...

There she stands..
Oh! So Brightly **
Oh! So Gracefully
Shine twinkling as ever..

and I said to myself

" I never met you before! You are extremely attractive,"

I don't know if you ever met her before.
But 'jakun-nis' i am, i have to grab her!


And in Pink?!!!

It's gooood.

Taste one!
It tasted like Shrimp!

But It is.. Shrimp~=P
I can't believe it's in pink.

*I am an extreme Jakun-NIS.*

Spread the Love.
Spread the Valentines!

Spread the Shrimp!



Happy Ash Wednesday Day people~ =D


LADy_V said...

joanna wow!!si jessie butul2 macm itu BARBIE DOLL owh beauTYful WO!!...KO PUN PAKAI WIGKAH DAT...???joanna.......itu pringles 1st time sa nampak pun jakuNNNNNNIS BRABIS NIE TAPI ADA LGI WARNA HIJAU bLUE..MENGHERANkan nie tapi mau tau rasa atukoi asadap kopio. *_^" sa kelaparan sdh~~ahahaha........bha dalink ko makan yg sweed punya sadap...konpom ko menangis makan ~~++~~.loVE ya~~

marilyndeasy said...

pink lahh pringles dia..haha...mau try lah...

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

macam kan..haha~ live lagi la vever.. lagi like dollydoll tu dia.Very beautifully =D.hahaa eya i also pakai wig yang short hair type.i look like an older person ba trus. haha. sekaywaywee!! haha. ver d pringles i bought the green one already yang the seaweed..tapi the blue one sya tia dapt cari. =( sadih sya.=(

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

ya Deasy~~ cute tuu..tapi d gambar not that pink.. if live2 makan can see the color clearly.=D Try laa..sadapp tuu..=DD