Sunday, January 10, 2010

What A Night!

So sleepy...

Just got back home from Bff night.

It's 2Sumthing already.

And at 630a.m...

Hello... Office..!

And i'm so tired.

But what a Marathon!

Me and MiiBFF'er.. just finish our 'Movie' Marathon.

We watch two movies.

It's a Mini*wini Marathon!~_~

My sister Promised us to dine at the 'NewYork NewYork!' in 1borneo.

The place with the enormous burger.. yang 43Ringgit lebih tu.but i haven't try that yet.

Sya baru try Float And their Honey BakenBurger.

I get pretty sad because some of the food in the menu is out of stock.

But their floats.. Mmmkay.Wow..Begini..

Soo good.

Yes try it. You'll Beg for a glass more.

Finish That.

Movie Time.!!

First up, Paranormal...~~

It was a nightmare.! What a terrifying piece of work.

There was this part Katie's leg kena dragged out from the Bed and she scream her boyfriend name, Micha.
I was Shivering all over~
I close my eyes and my ears so tight that not even tiny air can enter.

So Scared.

But... It was a Great movie!

Next, Heading to Growball, Center point.

But before that, We enjoye ourselves playing games.

Our next movie is Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Don't you just love seeing Lily Cole in that picture.

I love Lily Cole in this movie. She is such a great actress.

but for the second of it i doubt the ending.
I'm a little bit confuse over the ending part and pitied her father.
This is somewhat a Magical movie playing with a lot of imaginations.
And i saw Paloma Faith in it.!
She was adorable. I'm a big fan of her even some magazine claimed her to be a fashion don't s, i still love her and her music is awesome..=)

And so after that. Its me writing the end of our day.

I enjoyed it so much. I want to do it again~