Friday, March 20, 2009

Inner Child Happiness~

Mamii Caya tapat Maenan...!!!


I am so happy, i mean me and my siblings are so happy to actually fulfill our long time dreams.. Remember when you were a little girl and.. (o haha, okay serious talking this is meant for girls.. he!)

O remember when you were a child and you have this Big Imagination of owning a doll house but you were never allow to buy one because it was expensive.

While looking at the upper price tag wit lots of number and you look at your mum with a sad face and you said "Mahal o kan mumii... Tia payah la" trying to be as understanding as you can to impress your mom supaya manatau kena bili masa birthday...

Yes~ that's the saddest part about being a little girl with a Disney Mind...

Dont worry soon to be Xkids, Years and years later,
you'l have it.

Except as a grownup you can only buy it and put it as a collection n not to play with it because That, My friend, are only allow to whom age below.. hehehehe~

So anyway Our cutest and adorable toys..~

Home, A Cafeteria and A convenience store.

Up N Soon.. :-)


Natasha said...

huahuahuahau~~ cute toys with cute colorss... brapa ko beli tu?

baka_girl said...

i miss eu :))

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

Natasha ~ ya cutee kan..! itula susah mau resist 2, pukai2 pun mau beli juga..hehehe.. Each tu mainan Rm40..:-)

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

Baka_girl ~ Miss you too alott Ady...:-)