Saturday, February 14, 2009

My ValenTines Day.:-)

It doesn't matter if your love is green,*** ~

~***Even When its blue, its love
We're lucky if our love is pure red for lifetime***~
~***But living life is not easy so does the path of love.

It changes color.***~

~***And when it Change it tells different stories but Still i consider it as Love...


For the love of god,

Valentines day is not for couple only...:-)

But also dedicated those who are singles And available who happened to be in love with their self

to those married couple to re-erect their romantic sides or hehe~ To Make each other extra*extra happy on Valentines day.

This, how my Valentines goes.
I wana make it special for C Jowel..:-)

So i decided to Cook for him And *CrossMyFinger* Hopefully He'll feels happy. :-)

So i woke up at an early 6A.M, Woke c Jowel up too (hehehe~) and I started cooking...



At nite at 7.00Pm...

Hanging Out with Jowel..

I have alot of Crazy and Hilarious Moment which i'll never gonna forget and The happiest Valentines ever cause i get to meet Him During this time of day.... Wish it'll never end.:-) hehehe..But it ended..:-( ~ But i have Fun!

Semorky Going dorky will always gonna have fun Wit Jowel*~*Semorky's Funnyman"~

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!!!


Dr BaLaNTui 蝌蚪 said...

woi woi woi!!!
i lupa mintak nombor u lar...
i just back from KK monday...wuu wuu wuu
stay some where around KPG AYER...hehe!!

'ShE's'~DustfingerNaiL said...

aduiii.. how come u x telling me u coming kk earlier...~ :-(.. hehehe

Dr BaLaNTui 蝌蚪 said...

susah bah~~
need tell u tru here some more...
haha sumandak ~~
wah.....1 borneo damn big....i guess bigger than MID VALLEY!!