Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mumy Tua Birthday.=)

When to Upperstar Lintas.
The new Upperstar to celebrate my ever so young Mumy tua's birthday.

Me is in the love with de Ceiling.

With the ever so lovely kakak Colyn and Her fiance, Ishma.
Thanks to Abang Ishma for sponsoring us foods.

Mumy Tua blew her candles.=)

Mumy tua, Dady tua & me with our (Me&sisters) handmade Cake.

Relatives.=) not forgetting Tristan.

Happy Brithday Mumy Tua..=)

Morning Saturday. Freshen up!

Goodmorning. =)
Rise and Shine Beverly Hotel.

After my Class me and Siblings when to the Jesselton point to see a live band concert by Astro.

Andalusia Performing

Beside that, Fascinated by the Street Magician magic trick.


After the second band,
we were so tired and when back home getting ready for Mumy tua's birthday.

Friday, April 23, 2010

When to Hito.. oh! a fun night, i must say.=D


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

(The Japanisey Restaurant.)

I have no idea..

Me and my sister on stage singing our unwanted vocals out..:P.
With Lester playing the Organ.

After those fun and Sleepy night out.
we took our night over to the Beverly Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.
Getting a good night sleep~


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Open mic 2010 (Third Heat) at Shen

so here goes!

The 1st Band

They sang two songs cover and original(Which i like).

And our band~

First song

Strong Enough

Second song

Romance in Black

Featuring my 2 Cousins

left to right. Joel and John
Composer of the Romance in black song : Calvin Myae Lynn

Written by Jessica Sam

The 3rd Band..

A lively performance.

& the 4th Rock Band..=) (The Finalist)

Aunts and Uncles, Mum & Dad =)

Jiaja performed their hit song 'Kura-kura' =)


There goes the week of the unexpected.

I was sick for days before the competition.

and my voice doesn't seems to work.=(

I was really sad.


Thanks to god, i get to sing that day,

Even when it was not that good. totally out of pitch. he!

but i am well well blessed to have my cousins beside me.

If it's not because of them, i have to cancel the competition last minute.

John and Joel are the best.

I have mention this several times in my FB :P but well, on that day, i am totally blessed!! =D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Car Show & Flea Market

Flea Market at Kota Kinabalu

The kadz Stall..

With Natalia. =)

And her Beautiful 'paling sadap' Manggo Puddings and Cakes.

Pretty Clothes by Stacie.

Other cool Stalls~

(Copyright from Venice)

Cupcakes from a friend of mine

And Finally

Car Show~!

It's no Secret that I don't know how to ride a bike even worse a bicycle. :P
but seeing one of those
makes me wanna ride one,
Mini Bikes.

Hello Kitty Car.

The cutest one i have seen so far.

My friend Aida gonna love this.

All in pink and looking as Bright as ever.

Have you ever seen a chandelier in a car..?

it's soo soo soo cool you wanna steal it. :P

One of the coolest car among all.=)

Romantic yet Versatile.


It was fun but ofcourse tiring.

We get to see all sorts of car lovers and cars from pink to purple to black to the greatest interior to the greatest speaker (it is so loud that i can see everything pound)

When Back home.

Nap for Two hours & Im back for practice .=)

So hot but glad it'd rain.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Vera you will never gonna believe this..

I just found this out.


It says Chang..
if you double that up..

Turus Bibi bella's nickname.

on beer..


No worries, im not drinking any beer.
They were just using that big mug for my wheat grass+milk Drink.. *Fav!!!*

P/s Chiang2..=)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flea Market, Jesselton Point

Me and my sisters participated in an event called Flea market last Saturday.

Situated in jesselton point in Borneo Sabah.

The first Flea Market in Sabah.

I love how they design this poster.


THE KAD'Z sells

~ Hinava (Kadazandusun Tradisional Dish)

~ LOL Punch

~ Small Fondant cakes

~ Brownies

~ Jelly


One and only,
~ HandMade Pantyliner by Colyn

Bet some of you never heard of this, it's an EcoFriendly pantyliner where you can use it countless time (but ofcourse you have to wash it.)

Some of them sells cool dresses to delicious cuppycakes to Makeups & Jeweleries.

This is one of the coolest event i've ever participated. It is because we get to see not only bloggers but people that sells stuff online and meeting them is like Magic.